Characteristics of Clery Compliance Officers

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Want to learn more about Clery compliance officers (CCOs) & professionals?

2019-NACCOPClery compliance is a top-of-mind issue for higher ed institutions—and Clery compliance officers and professionals have an important responsibility. But what are characteristics do these professionals have in common?

Find out in this informative white paper that details the results of a Fall 2017 study conducted by the National Association of Clery Compliance Officers and Professionals (NACCOP) to compile baseline data concerning Clery compliance officers and professionals working at NACCOP member nstitutions.

Download the "Characteristics of Clery Compliance Officers at NACCOP Member Organizations: A Preliminary Study" white paper by sharing a few details to the right.

“To be able to react dynamically to daily security changes is significant in any security environment, but especially in a major city like Chicago. Having this capability is a tremendous asset to this facility in particular.”

Joe Doa | Director of Safety & Security, The Palmer House