Franklin County EMS

Case Study

By coordinating efforts across multiple agencies, Franklin County EMA reduces reporting time by half, improves communications, and simplifies creation of response plans.

Located adjacent to St. Louis with its northern border defined by the Missouri River, Franklin County spans 930 square miles with a population of approximately 105,000 people. Covering five public ambulance districts, four fire districts, four municipality police departments, and a county sheriff’s office, first responders were struggling with three disparate dispatch and reporting systems that did not communicate, requiring separate pieces of equipment to run and doubling the time it took to compile reports.

With the Sheriff’s Office already utilizing the Omnigo platform, Fire and EMS officials decided to conduct a trial run of the system and make the switch.

Download Franklin County EMS’s success story to learn how they were able to reduce reporting time by half, improve communications, and simplify creation of response plans. The platform enables effective documentation, tracking, and analysis of historical data, so administrators can run detailed reports and gain actionable insights to continually improve services.

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“Omnigo fullfills our needs with an easily adoptable, user-friendly platform that merges all of our historical data, quickly pulls information from other sources, and provides the power and consistency we need to serve the community rapidly and effectively

Abe Cook | Director