Hilton Worldwide

Global hospitality company achieves complete visibility across security and hospitality operations

With 14 brands consisting of more than 5,400 properties and over 825,000 hotel rooms in 106 countries, Hilton Worldwide is a leader in global hospitality. Hilton needed a unified, scalable solution that would provide consistent security reporting across its properties and integration with their existing third-party systems.

After extensive research, Hilton selected Omnigo Software for 37 properties in the U.S. to address security needs, improve transparency, and streamline many existing processes for security, guest and facility safety, and risk management, including the creation of daily logs, incident reporting, and security metrics.

Download Hilton Worldwide’s success story to learn from the the first hotel that led the Omnigo way, Palmer House in Chicago, IL. Read how they can see greater visibility into its security, operations, resources, and staffing. The complete integration between multiple properties and third-party systems now creates a holistic view and streamlines security processes while providing valuable insight into incident trends.

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“To be able to react dynamically to daily security changes is significant in any security environment, but especially in a major city like Chicago. Having this capability is a tremendous asset to this facility in particular.”

Joe Doa | Director of Safety & Security, The Palmer House