How Cloud-Based RMS Solutions Reduce Risk in Times of Crisis

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Over the last five years, cyberattacks against law enforcement agencies have skyrocketed to epic levels. If you’re not confident in your department’s abilities to handle a full-scale cyberattack, it’s time to bolster your resources.

In this paper, we will examine the security risks facing law enforcement data, analyze best practices for managing sensitive information, and shed light on how agencies can leverage off-site records management systems and cloud security to increase resiliency during a crisis—safeguarding their data, and keeping their personnel informed and aware.

Read "How Cloud-Based RMS Solutions Reduce Risk in Times of Crisis: The Evolution of Cyber Threats" to learn how to protect your agency and your community without breaking the bank and without compromising on service.

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“By automating security and surveillance functions, we've saved considerable man hours while increasing the integrity of our data, allowing us to realize full return on investment in just 4 1/2 months.”

Jason Arnett | Director of Surveillance