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How Mapping Capabilities Improve Dispatch Efficiency

During the dispatch process, identifying an emergency's location is crucial. Prior to mapping, confusion about exact locations was an unfortunate reality that often resulted in delayed response. Today, however, 911 dispatch systems featuring integrated GPS-mapping services provide the tools necessary for quick and efficient response.

In this guide, we'll help you understand how integrated mapping is critical to ensuring accurate and efficient dispatch and response by:

  • Defining dispatch and patrol technology "must-haves"
  • Describing how integrated mapping sheds light on dark situations
  • Explaining how mapping integration benefits the entire emergency response team

Discover how powerful mapping capabilities that go beyond just determining location help enable the quickest possible response and improve emergency outcomes. 

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“Implementing the Omnigo platform throughout the department reduced the time to complete each report by 50–80%, depending on the type of case or incident.”

Glen Robinson | Supervisor IT