Omnigo Software for Law Enforcement

Handle Records, Incidents, and Evidence With Efficiency and Ease


Software for End-to-End Incident Management, Records Management, and Physical & Digital Evidence Management

Law enforcement agencies are facing urgently increasing needs to streamline reporting processes, meet compliance regulations, share data instantly and everywhere, and manage enormous quantities of digital and physical evidence.  

Leverage our comprehensive, secure, enterprise-grade software to digitally manage all of your processes in one place.  

Omnigo Software was developed by law enforcement professionals, for law enforcement professionals. We know your challenges, and we know how to overcome them. 

Delivering What Law Enforcement Agencies Need

Situational Awareness

  • Know who you’re dealing with by accessing records on the go and on the spot. 
  • Keep your awareness where it matters. Seamless mobile reporting means less heads-down time and greater situational awareness while on patrol. 


  • Save time with streamlined reporting processes and flows. Report right from the field, and never spend another second on redundant data entry.
  • Easily manage the ever-increasing quantities of digital and physical evidence associated with every case.  

Community Safety

  • Spend more time keeping your community safe by spending less time on reporting entry. 
  • Instantly share mission-critical data with neighboring communities.  
  • Be prepared for it all with robust event pre-planning tools. 
  • Get real-time situational awareness during a crisis  

Modular, Scalable, Customizable, and Packed With Features

Whether you’re a 15-officer unit or 175-officer unit, Omnigo Software scales to meet your needs. Our easy-to-use and quick-to-implement software is fully customizable and puts everything you need in one simple place. 

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Learn How Agencies Across North America Have Increased Efficiency and Safety With Omnigo Software

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The City of Plano

The City of Plano Manages Events With Only a Fraction of the Resources They Used To Require

Prince William County

Prince William County Police Department Manages Inventory and Assets With Two Fewer Staff Members and Pulls Required Reports in Minutes Instead of Weeks

Signal Mountain Police Department

Signal Mountain Police Department Saw Instant Results, and Omnigo Software Paid for Itself In One Week

Hazelwood Police Department

Hazelwood Police Department Reduced Time To Complete Reports by 50–80% 

Start Using Today’s Technology to Ensure Safer Tomorrows