Events—and incidents—are on the rise. Be prepared when there’s no time to lose.



Be ready to respond to threats with a digitally coordinated response plan


Rhodium is a complete command and control system, allowing you to quickly consolidate response information, coordinate assets, and act.



Respond to incidents as they happen.


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Know the Plan

  • Pre-incident plans can be easily prepared for a variety of contingencies
  • Create and distribute Event Action Plans
  • Share the plan with other stakeholders

Run the Play

  • Know where your people are and what they are assigned to be doing
  • Complete checklists
  • Reference the Event Action Plan and other materials

Watch the Tape

  • Store completed events as archives
  • Produce data rich reports for after action reviews
  • Apply lessons learned to the plan for next time

The solutions choice for venues and stadiums around the globe.

It unites all the essential tools agencies need for event planning and incident response.


Omnigo Software is used and trusted by

We’ve never been able to track and record what’s happening at events in a variety of jurisdictions as easily as we did with Rhodium."

Kurtis Bramer,Deputy | Chief of Operations and Emergency Manager, Hennepin EMS

How EMS in the Twin Cities Area Used Rhodium To Instantly Get Pre-Plans and Real-Time Situational Awareness to Multiple Jurisdictions During Super Bowl LII

EMS command staff had just days to get it all up and running, and Rhodium instantly delivered the easiest and most comprehensive incident management solution they've ever used.

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