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St. Olaf College

College scraps paper reporting and security officers enjoy streamlined operations and faster response times

With over 3000 students and 900 administrators/faculty, St. Olaf’s campus security department needed to replace their antiquated paper-driven system for parking, incident reporting, and emergency services to advance their safety and security efforts for an exceptional and safe campus.

Referred to Omnigo by colleagues in the private security industry, managers reviewed 4 other similar products ad chose Omnigo for its easy functionality, data integration, paperless reporting, and affordability, as well as the projected quick Return On Investment (ROI).

Download St. Olaf College’s success story to learn how they have improved communication between the institution, security, and the student body. And with its ability to connect cars and students to a digital billing system, learn how parking ticket revenue has increased significantly. 

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"We looked at a lot of similar products and by far Omnigo was the easiest to use, with the lowest learning curve, and the most power and options at the best price point."

Chad Christiansen | Captain